Top 14 Brilliant Blogging Tips & Tricks for Newbie Bloggers

Are you new to blogging? During this article, we’ll share 14 blogging tips that will assist you in easily create a successful blog.

Starting blogging tips for the primary time are often a nerve-wracking experience. There’s tons of pleasure, but at an equivalent time, there’s a fear of the unknown. You would like to try to do everything the proper way and avoid all major pitfalls, so your blog is often successful.

In our 5+ years of blogging, we’ve made countless mistakes and learned from them. Over the last decade, our blogging tips have received an overflow of a billion page views.

We’ll share the “professional suggestions” we wish we’d known before launching our first blog in today’s piece.

These 14 bloggers each gave one key piece of advice for newbie bloggers. Whether or not you are a newbie, the following recommendations will undoubtedly prove useful.

Your blog will be able to do the following things if you follow these blogging tips and tricks for Newbie:

  • grow organic traffic,
  • generate social shares, and
  • increase the number of leads and sales for your company!

What Is a Blog?

Top 14 Brilliant Blogging Tips & Tricks for Newbie Bloggers

Simply defined, a blog can aid in the development of an online presence, the generation of leads, and the interaction with an audience. A catering company, for example, might produce blog entries like “The 11 Best Appetizers to Serve to a Crowd” or “Stress-Free Dinner Parties: Recipes that Can Be Prepared Ahead of Time” to demonstrate industry experience.

Blogs can help you increase website traffic, convert that traffic into leads, create authority in your sector, and expand your business. In fact, prioritizing projects increases the likelihood of achieving positive ROI by 13 times.

Blogging Tips for Newbie

  1. Figure Out Why you would like to start out a Blog
  2. Pick the right Blog Name
  3. Write for Google
  4. Make Sure Your WordPress Theme is Mobile-Friendly
  5. Choose Good Typography
  6. Write blog posts that are at least 1,500 words long
  7. Install Google Analytics to live results
  8. Avoid Grammar mistakes
  9. Use a blog topic generator tool
  10. Make Good Relation with Niche Bloggers
  11. Hack blog content to extend readability
  12. Have an honest reason why
  13. Be realistic
  14. Lower Your Expectations

1: Figure Out Why you would like to start out a Blog

Before you begin blogging tips, find out why you would like to start out a blog in the first place.

  • Do you want to start out a blog?
  • Just for fun?
  • For sharing your knowledge on a specific topic?
  • To add material to your website and advertise an existing business?
  • To make extra cash online?
  • For helping other people?
  • To start a piece from home business?

Write a brief “why” statement for your blog. Writing a “why” statement will assist you to determine the most goal and it’ll assist you to make better decisions for your blog in the future.

2: Pick the right Blog Name

Take time to settle on the right name for your blog. Your blog name is usually the primary thing people will see, so it’s to grab people’s attention if you would like them to see out your blog.

Check out the following pointers for selecting the right blog name.

You can also use Blog Tyrant’s Free Domain Generator to assist you to come up with an honest blog name.

3: Write for Google

The strategy for beginners is to write down for Google. Typically every blogger would suggest writing for your audience and not just for Google. However, if you don’t have an audience, subscribers, or regular readers, you’re out of luck. Then what would you do?

You will need to write for Google therein case. Especially beginners got to understand that Google is that the most reliable source of traffic. So you would like to rank your articles on Google first.

Top 14 Brilliant Blogging Tips & Tricks for Newbie Bloggers

It’s crucial to know that you simply got to find long-tail keywords to rank easily. You ought to find basic keywords using any keyword tool within the market.

I would prefer Ubersuggest for each beginner. It’s a free keyword suggestion tool and it’ll assist you to rank your posts.

Type any keyword there and you’ll get many related keywords and their monthly search volume on Google.

4: Make Sure Your WordPress Theme is Mobile-Friendly

A ton of individuals browse online from their smartphones lately. So, many of your readers will view your blog from their smartphones also.

When choosing a topic, confirm it’s mobile-friendly in order that your blog will look great on all devices.

5: Choose Good Typography

Choosing the proper font for your blog is another important step in creating your website.

You’ll want to settle on a font that not only looks good but is straightforward for users to read. If you select typography that’s difficult to read, visitors to your blog will have a nasty experience and certainly not return.

6: Write blog posts that are at least 1,500 words long

Now, this is often a suggested guideline.

You may be ready to convey your thoughts in a smaller amount of words.

Or, you’ll want to travel in-depth and share an extended article with many details. Long-form material that is evergreen usually gets more traction in terms of SEO, comments, and sharing (around the 1,500-3,000 word range).

This article is about 3,500 words because my goal was to supply a wealth of blogging tips and tricks for beginners to require advantage of.

The rule of thumb generally is: use as many words because it takes to elucidate something well…but not another. What if you don’t have time to write down all of your blog posts? Easy enough, hire a copywriter that understands your brand voice and may write valuable, optimized copy.

7: Install Google Analytics to live results

You want to know who is visiting the place, how, when, and where they are coming from, right?
Then it all must be tracked!
Knowing which blog posts are bringing within the most traffic is going to be invaluable data for targeting the proper content topics, keywords, and audience.

Top 14 Brilliant Blogging Tips & Tricks for Newbie Bloggers

Google Analytics also allows you to line up conversion goals that will measure how often visitors complete specific tasks (for example if you offer opt-in for an e-book or a newsletter sign-up).
The best part: it’s free.
Some important website metrics to track:
• Visitors (new and return)
• Referrals
• Bounce rate
• Exit pages
• Conversion rate
• Top landing pages

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8: Avoid Grammar mistakes

No matter, for what reason you’re writing, but you can’t afford to form grammatical mistakes. It gives a nasty user experience and also bad for onsite SEO.

Eve program considers readability and grammar together of the many signals for program ranking. If you’re from one such country where English isn’t the primary language, you’ll start practicing and learn English.

9: Use a blog topic generator tool

Inspiration is usually good.
HubSpot offers a fun blog topic generator tool. It’s stimulating thanks to getting ideas supported by a couple of keywords that you simply type in.

The tool presents an inventory of topics for you to urge the creative juices to flow. Confine mind that results aren’t 100% accurate, so grammar and terminology may have to be tweaked.

10: Make Good Relation with Niche Bloggers

Top 14 Brilliant Blogging Tips & Tricks for Newbie Bloggers

Interact with other bloggers in your niche by commenting on their blogs and thru social media. It’ll assist you tons because you’ll learn many things from them.

You ought to also consider making an influencer marketing strategy for your blogging tips. This is able to ensure your blog gets seen by the proper people in no time.

11: Hack blog content to extend readability

Top 14 Brilliant Blogging Tips & Tricks for Newbie Bloggers

Large blocks of text are difficult to urge through on a little screen. And, tons of blog readers are on their smartphones killing time.

Try to limit paragraphs to 2-3 sentences each.

Use sentences that are concise, and fewer than 20 words long.
Oftentimes, you’ll even leave one sentence on its own if it can carry an idea by itself.

12: Have an honest reason why.

Figure this out from the beginning. “Making millions from blogging,” isn’t an honest reason to start out and you almost certainly will get discouraged when your first check comes for $2.75?

You’ll be considerably more likely to keep writing if your objective is to “improve your writing,” “reach out and meet fascinating people,” or “do something interesting and blogging tips about it.”

13: Be realistic

Slow and steady usually beats fast and furious. Don’t set a publishing schedule of seven posts per week if you can’t realistically roll in the hay. Set a schedule of 1 to 2 posts per week and stick with it. Over time you’ll see it adds up.

14: Lower Your Expectations

Yeah, we all know how that sounds. But allow us to explain.
When getting started, “It’s important to not enter it with high expectations of becoming subsequent big blogger,” says pro blogger Julia Berolzheimer.

“Just dealing with that stress has the potential to sabotage your entire experience. Starting blogging tips should be fun, and you ought to roll in the hay because you’re hooked on a topic(s)!”

Blog because you’re keen on it. Of course, we all know you’ve got the potential to form it to the large leagues of blogging tips, but that name-in-lights mentality shouldn’t be the end-all, be-all of your efforts. Establish your “why” early on and stay true to it.

Not only will it help sustain your motivation through the hard moments, but it’ll keep your passion ignited.

Once you’re sure of your “why,” GET GOING. “Ask yourself, why am I creating this?” Berolzheimer says. “If you’ll answer that question, then just start!” A quote I live by states, “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”


Wow… I feel these blogging tips and tricks will give some useful strategies to all or any new bloggers. However, beginners always should attempt to learn new things. Nobody knows what could work for them.

The most useful tip is writing. You would like to find out about writing gorgeous articles. You would like to interact with people on your blogging tips using your unique ideas.
And never hand over. Within the beginning, many new bloggers can’t get enough traffic or business, and that they leave blogging.

Remember that generating money from blogging isn’t a 1-night job. It takes time to extend your audience than your business. So keep calm and keep writing.

If you are feeling this guide is useful for you. Subscribe to our blog for each new post updated. And also share your own strategies for blogging tips. What is working best for you?

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