electric meter
electric meter


An electric meter, also energy meter, electricity meter, that calculate the value of electric energy absorbed by a residence, a business or an electrically powered device.


History of electric meter:

The first patented meter developed in 1872. When Samuel gardner invent the DC meter hour lamp record the lamp hour. Telegraph was only use for electricity. In 1879 Thomas Adison invented by a chemical meter that calculate the power of big mass.

It calculates the time through which energy was supplied for the load


Electrolytic meter:

Thomas Alva Adison introduced first distribution electric system for using direct current. Electric meter invented in 1881 for electrochemical effect on current. Its measure the electric quantity directly, and electric energy. The first electrolytic meter house connection for people electricity supply was described by St. George Lane fox.

Pendulum meter:

The principal of pendulum meter was explained by Americans William Edward, Ayrton and Johan perry in 1881. Hermann Aron constructed a pendulum meter. This is was expensive because it’s had two clocks. It is calculated ampere-Hours and watt but only used for direct current

Motor meters:

The American Elihu Thomson manufactured recording meter in 1889, for general electricity. It was an iron less motors, and contain rotor, coil, resistor, and commutator. This is use for only direct current. Disadvantage of the motor meter is a commutator.

Smart meter

It is a technological device, that record the information consumption of energy, voltage, current, and power factor. smart meter transmits the information of consumption behavior and energy supplier for customer billing. Basically, its record the energy in real time, and report steadily.

Digital meter

Digital meter some time called smart meter. Its record the electric and water use. The meter shows the secure data. It introduces the Fluke in 1977. It’s a standard diagnostic tool for technicians in the energy industries.

Variable rate meter

Variable rate meter measures the volumetric flow the liquid and gas. This technology based on variable area principle. It is a technological device. Its common design is cone and float type. It is use in military, chemical, aerospace, petrochemical, and water treatment. It has a stranded accuracy of full scale for the 250mm. This is consisted on a tube and float.

Dial meters

In a dial meter turn to point a number in 0 to 9. This is used commonly in clock. It’s around to clock to anti clockwise. The move only when energy being used check your dials and before you read them.

Standard meter

The standard meter length of path travelled vacuum the time interval 1| 299792458 of a second. This is created in 1875. This is made of 90% platinum. It’s produced by burning the element krypton (KR 86). The standard meter is available in platinum held in Paris.

How does work electric meter:

Standard electric meter like a clock device. It’s measured the electricity whose use in our home. The meter draws the electricity in electric lines. The set of small gears are move in device. The revolution record by dials, that we see in meters.

The electric meter is installed in your home the device that allowed utility department. This department gave the electricity on a cost per used. The meter measures the current flow in the service entrance.

How to read electric meter:

In a meter have an electronic display. Display shows the numbers and decimal point, follow the some more numbers. Write the first five numbers and ignore the left side numbers and decimal point. Sometimes showed in red. This numbers tell us what’s amount of electricity you are used in a unit.

Who is the responsible for electric meter?

Your utility is responsible the meter on your house. They are responsible the installing, maintaining, and reading your meters. Tempering with the meter is a dangerous and prosecutable crime.

What is the inside an electric meter:

On the back of the meter’s connection to the house circuit lines. The coils are deriving the rotating aluminum wheel. The amount of the current passing with these big conductor control of the spinning wheel.

electric meter

What is kWh in electric meter:

The very common unit of calculating of electricity is the kilowatt hour. which is equal to the amount of energy use by a load of one kilowatt hour a period of one hour, or 3,600,000 joules. Its is equal to the square of volts.

How do I get a new electricity connection?

Visit any customer of electricity supply company

Fill an application form and submitted

Why is there a red light flashing in meter?

It’s a normal to b flashing red light in meter. The light show that we are using the energy. sometimes red light flashing faster its mean more energy being used. This light is out of cost.


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