How to create a Google AdSense for YouTube without the website

How to create a Google AdSense for YouTube without the website? Is it possible? Yes, there’s some way to induce an associate AdSense account; therefore, you’ll legitimize your YouTube videos with no need to own a website while not having to travel through an extended application method. Find out how during this article.

So, If you have been uploading videos to YouTube, however, haven’t been able to legitimize them as a result of you do not have an associate Adsense account, you may be losing out on a great deal of cash.


Moreover, I’ve seen this happen with sample YouTube videos. Somebody can transfer a cute video of a puppy; it will go infective agent and obtain full views; however, as a result, the uploader did not legitimize his YouTube account. He misses out on tens of thousands of bucks in Adsense revenue.

How to create a Google AdSense for YouTube without the website

To avoid this, you must perpetually legitimize your Google AdSense for YouTube videos. You need to have a Google Adsense account and be a part of it to your YouTube account to try and do that.

But, what if you do not have an associate Google AdSense for YouTube account? And what if you do not qualify for Adsense due to you not having a website that fulfills Google’s AdSense requirements?

That wants to be a giant downside. However, not any longer.

• Now, if you have got a Gmail account, a YouTube account, and have announced a minimum of 3 videos to your YouTube channel, you’ll create a Google AdSense for YouTube without the website or having to attend weeks to examine if you will get approved.

• All you’ve got to try to do is actually. log in to your Gmail account, then log into your YouTube channel and follow the steps below (screen captured from YouTube help).

• Access the monetization page in your channel settings and move to the section “however, can I be paid?”

Selected the choice at very cheap of the page to settle on the google account you want to use.

• Enter the countersign for your google account.
• Accept the AdSense associated.
• Provide your contact data and submit your AdSense application.
• You will then be redirected back to YouTube, and a message to tell that your AdSense application has been received can seem.
• Adsense may update a person by postal mail once your own AdSense account is approved. Your Adsense id will be up transferred on the Adsense association page (please note that it’s going to take up forty-eight hours for the association to totally active). Congratulation.

At first instance, it looks that it’s impractical to create cash from Google AdSense for YouTube while not web site. If you don’t own a website, then a way to show AdSense ads on a website?

But, there square measure four ways in which to use an account while not a website. In a roundabout way, however, indirectly, you’ll be able to use Google AdSense for YouTube while not a website.

So, what square measure we tend to wait for? Allow us to discuss these four ways in which to use an AdSense account while not a website.

Earn cash to create a Google AdSense for YouTube without the website.

How to create a Google AdSense for YouTube without the website

This is the most uncomplicated thanks to earning cash to create a Google AdSense for YouTube without the website. It’s simple to make a channel on youtube at freed from value. Anyone will produce a channel on youtube inside a moment.

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To change YouTube monetization and connected AdSense account, please follow the below steps.

• Login to Google Account.
• Next, visit YouTube.Com and attend the Channel’s dashboard. (If you don’t own a youtube channel, the primary produce constant. To know, a way to build cash on YouTube, refer to this link)
• Next, attend account monetization and choose ‘Enable My Account.’
• Next, choose Monetization possibility beneath Channel from the left guidance menu.
• In the next screen, connect your AdSense account. If you don’t own an associate AdSense account, it’ll send it to the Google Adsense creation page.
• Next, YouTube can review your request and approve your request if your Channel meets its pointers. To understand YouTube monetization pointers, visit this link.

Since the on top of the screencap from Google leaves out several clicks, you may need to use these guides.

• Log into Gmail account
• Log into YouTube channel
• Go to YouTube monetization Page
• In the Monetization tab, click ‘Enable My Account.’
• Accept the terms and conditions within the crop up.
• A page opens wherever you’ll click on the ‘Monetize’ button. Click it.
• After you have got uploaded a minimum of 3 videos and have views on those videos . . .
• Go to YouTube monetization Page
• Find ‘How can I purchase paid’ and click on that
• Select the ‘Associate an Adsense Account’ link.
• On future screen, submit your YouTube Channel
• Click on “Continue”
• Wait for a handful of hours associated you must get an approval email

We all grasp that Youtube is the most significant video sharing and looking on the web nowadays. Guests from each corner of the world come back to Youtube to seem for their desired videos or transfer their favorite videos to the entire international audience. However, is there a technique of earning cash with Youtube, or is it solely a recreation supply? Be excited to search out that you can make some money on the web with Youtube moreover.

Here we’ve mentioned two ways to create cash from Youtube Videos with success:

How to create a Google AdSense for YouTube without the website
Earn cash from Youtube Videos with success

1. YouTube Partnership Program

The 1st technique to create cash with Youtube is to require half in its partnership program wherever sure-fire Youtube users with an oversized variety of subscribers take a share of attained revenue. Therefore, if you’re one of every of those lucky and sure-fire Youtube users with a sturdy subscriber base, you’re needed to grab this business chance to create extra cash with Youtube.

2. Using Youtube to drive visitors to your website:

The ordinal of earning cash with Youtube is for those folks that haven’t any subscriber base and might not participate in a Youtube partnership program. Like somebody, Youtube will build capital through their website or weblog by leading massive traffic towards their website from this major video sharing forum.

Here square measure they ought to have:

  1. an internet website or weblog
  2. Video clips for uploading on Youtube
  3. Google AdSense account

Now the question is that however, one will build computing devices or weblog while not dominating programming languages or while not buying a website name and hosting service? However, you wish not to worry about it just in case you have got no programming information and no quantity in your pocket to pay cash on online business; then, you’ll use the free weblogging chance of a free blog platform. Affirmative it’s utterly free, and everybody will take good thing about it.

So currently, everybody will use a free weblog and might place Google Adsense advertisements to earn cash through the Adsense ads by creating the best use of dangerous generated by Youtube videos.



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