How to Get more Traffic on your Website

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SEO is one of the most excellent ways to get free traffic to your website. As far as your website ranks high on Google, then you’ll be able to produce organic traffic to the website.

Now that tone extraordinary, but nothing in life comes without charge or without doing some work. To benefit from SEO, you would like to write about themes that individuals are searching for in Google. But to complete advantage of it, you also got to ensure the site is optimized for search engines.


Here are a few things you’ll able to do to use SEO to drive traffic to the website;

Pay Attention to Your Website’s SEO Health

SEO is quite easy. Most of the benefits of facing the best hone to form sure the website is healthy and has everything Google assumes to notice. Getting these things set up can make an enormous contrast on the sum of traffic to the website.

Here’s are the SEO basics that needed:

  • SEO-friendly CMS such as WordPress.
  • Valid SSL Certificate.
  • responsive design and worthy mobile usability.
  • Fast and reliable web host.
  • Links from related websites.
  • Content that individuals essentially love to read.

There can be more components to SEO evidently, with site technical health being one but this need lay the basis for you.

Build Backlinks to Your Website

Links from authority and related sites are like votes of certainty for the website.

The sorts of links to build will contrast depending on the niche. Here are a few valuable link building resources:

  • Link Building Strategies by Ahrefs
  • Local Link Building Strategies by Loganix
  • Link Building Techniques by Mangools

Get Your Content in Featured Snippets

Since its beginning, Google has been including more data in the search results to improve the experience for users. Snippets is an awesome way to send traffic to the site, particularly if you as of now have some pre-existing ranking content. Here’s a quick following of how to optimize for them;

  • Object question keywords.
  • Be aware of the paragraph, list, and table snippet type.
  • Possess short sentences and paragraphs.
  • Give a straight Answer to the question.
  • Understandably structure the content with subheadings.
  • Use tables to show the content.
  • Contain the question in the answer
  • Include a conclusion at the end of the content.

Use Analytics Data to Find Under-Performing Pages (& Vice Versa)

In case you’re recognizable with Google Analytics open up the dashboard. Got to Behavior àSite Content àLanding Pages and after that hit the Sessions column to arrange from low to high.

Finding underperforming pages to move forward in Google Analytics. Now you are able to see pages that are getting the least the sum of traffic.

From here, see if they are lost anything your top-performing pages have. Attempt to improve these underperforming pages so each page on your site is bringing in the traffic. Another tool to assemble smarter the information would be Google Search Support, specifically its Performance tab. Of course, you’ll moreover do the inverse too, Filter Analytics and Search Console to appear the highest performing pages and see if you’ll be able to make them even better.


Optimize Your Best Traffic Sources

Go to Acquisition > All Traffic > Source/Medium in Analytics. At the moment, you can see where your traffic is coming from. Finding the best traffic sources in Google Analytics in case you’re unsure;

  • The source is the put clients are before seeing your content, like a search engine or another website.
  • Medium portrays how clients arrived at the content.

From here, you want to ask a couple of questions approximately your traffic sources;

  • Which sends the highest volume of traffic.
  • Which sends the highest-converting traffic.
  • Which sends the most engaged traffic.

From that point, attempt and sort out why those sources are viable. At that point attempt to duplicate it. And it’s not fair your activity source you need to be considering.

Steal Your Competitors’ Traffic Sources

Some of the time the most perfect way to get more traffic is to see what is already working and after that do that.

One of the speediest ways to do usually by ‘stealing’ the competitor’s traffic. In case you’re feeling terrible about stealing from the competitors, let’s fair call it to switch buildings instead. It is got to use an SEO instrument for this one.

Here are two fast ways to spy on the competitors:

Check Competitor Traffic Method by SimilarWeb

  • Go to SimilarWeb and paste the competitor’s URL in the search box.

Scroll down to the Recommendations sections to look accurately where they are and getting their traffic from.


Check Competitor Traffic Method by Ahrefs

  • Go to the Ahrefs backlink checker. Input the competitor’s domain and click check backlinks.
  • Now you’ll be able to see the approximately top 100 backlinks and how much predictable traffic they are distributing to the competitor:
  • Prepared with the knowledge of what is working for the competition, here is you can go out and strain to replicate it.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the method of finding relevant phrases (keywords) that the viewers are searching for.

Once it has a list of keywords, it needs to include them in pages with the intention of these pages showing up in search engines.

There are numerous ways to generate keywords.

Let’s get started:

Target Topics with Traffic Potential

SEO is the best way to send reliable traffic to your blog more on this later in this article.

But to induce Google to send visitors your way, you would like to be appearing up for the right keywords. In a nutshell, you need to target keywords with traffic potential.

The measurements that need to be kept in mind when doing keyword research are;

  • Search and Global Volume: how many individuals are searching that keyword every month
  • Keyword Difficulty: how problematic the keyword is for rank.

There are many keyword research tools available. Here are some of the best;

  • Ahrefs Keyword Explorer
  • SEMrush
  • KWFinder
  • UberSuggest
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Keyword Sheeter

Target Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are probably 3+ word phrases that are exceptionally particular to anything you’re offering or the data you’re giving on your blog.

This is one of the benefits of long-tail keywords, in conjunction with the fact that they are frequently easier to rank for since they are less competitive.

How do find the long-tail keywords?
Approximately 3 quick methods to find long-tail keywords;

The initial method is autocompleted. Just begin writing out the primary keyword or subject and let Google generate recommendations based on what other individuals have been searching.

2-People Also Ask

In case you scroll down a bit on the results page, you’ll see another long-tail keyword research method, the individuals moreover ask the People Also Ask (PAA) box.

3-Related Searches

And eventually, at the foot of the page is the related search recommendations. The bang that’s three ways of doing long-tail keyword research utilizing as it were Google.

Optimize Your Content With LSI (or Semantic) Keywords

LSI stands for “Latent Semantic Indexing” also some of the time referred to as semantic keywords are words/phrases that are related to the primary keyword.

After Google Hummingbird, the search engine has put more significance on understanding a topic completely. LSI keywords are a great way to assist search engine crawlers.

You can use a tool like LSI Graph to discover them. Just drop in the main keyword and it’ll give the list of terms related to the topic.

Prevent and Remove Keyword Cannibalization

Keyword cannibalization is when two or more pages on the site are competing against themselves by attempting to rank for the same term.

It’s really very common, particularly with expansive sites with many pages. The lesson to learn here is, you need to avoid keyword cannibalization because it can befuddle Google as well as it won’t know which page it should rank. Having two similar pages competing against one another isn’t supportive of driving traffic.

Besides this It also does;

  • It does low the authority of the page.
  • It does dilute any links that have to the page.
  • It does harmfully Impact the conversion rate.

Frequently it may be a better way of consolidating these into one post. You’ll be able to use this free spreadsheet to discover keyword cannibalization and run a fast “ ‘keyword’ inquiry to surface potential issues.

Technical Improvements

Another viewpoint of SEO that decides how much traffic the site will get is its technical health. In arrange for search engine bots to find, slither, and index the site, there are some technical components you need to tick off. Now impede them out;

Follow Technical SEO Best Practices

Technical SEO is the method of optimizing the site for Google’s crawlers.

It is a vital step in getting traffic to the site. In case Google can’t find, crawl, and file the site, you won’t rank. “No ranking = no organic search traffic”. It is called “Technical SEO” since it is less than almost the content of the site and more about the infrastructure.


Technical SEO can bean enormous topic. But in terms of getting the leading hones down, here are the things you want to do;

  • Require an ideal domain
  • Optimize the Robots.txt file.
  • Optimize the site’s URL structure.
  • Logical site structure and website navigation.
  • Use breadcrumbs to increase UX.
  • Add structured data markup.
  • Set up canonicals.
  • Set up and optimize your 404 pages.
  • 301 redirects.
  • Have an XML sitemap.
  • Install an SSL certificate.
  • Ensure that the website loads fast.
  • Make sure the website is mobile-friendly.
  • Set up Google Search Console.

Usually by no means an exhaustive list. But in case you’ll be able to tick off everything over, you are on the right track for a strong site.

Submit Your Site to Search Engines

It needs the site to show up on Google and Bing. Then you need to submit the site to search engines.

Actually, this preparation is exceptionally quick. Most of the work is done for you, but it is worth doing so you have got control of indexation within the future. Search engines don’t technically require you to submit the site. But there is a bounty of scenarios where it makes numerous things to do.

  • Almost new sites have no backlinks.
  • Rehauled sites with new content and structure.
  • Freshly hacked sites.
  • A big chunk of efficient content is available.

Manually submitting the site to Google and other search engines need to cut down on the time required to get re-indexed appropriately, thus picking up organic traffic frequently streaming towards the site.

Improve SERP Click-Through Rates (with GSC Data)

Click-through rate (CTR) is the rate of searchers who click through to the site from the Google search results. Here’s the extraordinary thing, By improving the CTR, you’ll be able to viably increase traffic. To see your CTR, go to Search Console > Performance, presently make sure Average CTR is selected, and select Inquiries. Here is you may be able to see the best and most exceedingly bad queries in terms of CTR.


Some ways which are very effective to progress your natural CTR are;

  • Improving the page titles.
  • Make the URLs clearer and more descriptive.
  • Improving the meta descriptions.
  • Addition Structured Data.
  • Successful page speed.

Fix Lost ‘Link Juice’ on 404 Pages

When you erase a linked page, include an off-base URL to a page, or inaccurately alter a URL, a broken link is made. These are terrible for UX. No one needs to go buy a few Legos and be greeted with this 404 page.


Boost Authority with Internal Links

Interlinks are joins that point starting with one page on your site then onto the next page on a similar site. You will have seen them endless times before. Interlinks or inner links ordinarily happen naturally after you are referring to past content or related pages in your content. Adding internal links can;

  • Assist visitors and look engines navigate their own website.
  • Assist to set up a data structure.
  • Spread link juice or authority all through the site.

Make Sure Your Site is Responsive

Nearly everyone features a smartphone. And almost everybody browses websites on their mobile. In 2019, there were 4050 million one-of-a-kind mobile web users.

That’s a lot of potential mobile guests on the site. Google recognized this with its presentation of mobile-first indexing. If you don’t have a responsive site, here why you should;

  • ·         It progressed site ease of use for visitors.
  • ·         It is able to load faster.
  • ·         It is able to decrease bounce rate.
  • ·         It may progress in social sharing.

Enhance SERP Appearance with Schema

Also known as structured data, Schema could be a markup effectively examined by search engines.

It makes it easier to search engine crawlers to discover and list the page. Since it gives search engine bots more data almost your site, your site can get rich site snippets which can make strides in your CTR.

Make Sure Your Site is Fast

Page speed could be a direct ranking factor, and can also influence rankings by implication via increased bounce rate. Page speed is imperative for users. Always be careful about your website speed is good and fast.

Get Traffic through Social Media

If you want to get more traffic, Social media may be also another awesome way which helps you build brand recognition as well as a community.

Here are several ways to get traffic to your site using social media;

Get Active on Social Media

This tone like a self-evident step, but you really got to set up your social accounts in case you need them to drive traffic.

Here are the fundamentals to a total across whichever stage you choose:

Completely your profile doesn’t disregard to link to the site and your business pages (Facebook and LinkedIn).

  • Encourage your blog content.
  • Be sure to share interesting content.
  • Post when your audience is online.
  • Talk together with your audience.
  • In terms of which stage you should be on depends on your audience.

The finest social media stage is the stage where your audience hangs out.

Add Social Share Buttons to Your Site

Add social media links through buttons on your site which is very helpful to gain traffic. These move forward with your online presence since users discover pages and posts they appreciate, at that point share them on social media sites. The most effortless way is to set up a WordPress social media plugin for your site.

Here are several social media platforms which are very useful to get traffic.


A large number of individuals utilize Twitter, in truth generally 50% of Twitter users log into the stage every single day.

If you aren’t encouraging on your blog on Twitter, how will anybody know about your content? Driving traffic to your blog can be nearly as imperative as the writing itself.

If you use Twitter successfully, it can drive tons of traffic back to your website. But fair tweeting the title of your blog post presently and after that with an interface back to your site won’t work.


You need to do something superior to that.

Here are a few ways to extend your website’s traffic using Twitter:

Drive Traffic with These Twitter Marketing Tips

Sometimes recently you even get begun, you need to choose the correct Twitter handle, profile photo, and header image. For Twitter to be a successful traffic-creating machine, you would like to be proactive. Did you know, the average lifespan of one tweet is just 20 minutes:

And with over 7,000 new tweets being sent each moment, to get any important return from your Twitter, you would like a plan.

Here are a few Twitter marketing tips to undertake out:

  • Use brief attention-grabbing tweets.
  • Adding a cite from the post you’re promoting.
  • Add particular information.
  • Use #Hashtags & @remark.
  • Retweet any specified content.
  • Ask for a retweet.
  • Use specific images.

Drive Traffic with Promoted Tweets

Advanced Tweets, Supported Tweets are standard Tweets, but they’re paid for by sponsors endeavoring to extend their Twitter reach and engagement.

They are pretty simple to spot as they have a promoted name underneath them,

Promoted Tweets increase reach and drive traffic to your site and post-click landing pages, which in turn, increments lead era and sales.


Facebook has 2.41 billion months to month dynamic users, it proceeds to be the best puppy of social media sites. Used accurately, this power can be utilized as an effective marketing tool for your trade and website. Let’s jump in,


Drive Traffic with These Facebook Marketing Tips

Driving Facebook traffic back to your site is fundamental, and FB activity gives an extraordinary opportunity to target your perfect audience.

If you haven’t as of now, make a Facebook page for your site, and then follow these Facebook marketing tips to assist you to create more traffic:

  • Use pictures on all the posts.
  • Keep the updates brief and to the point.
  • Ask your fans brief questions.
  • Utilize a statement from blog articles when sharing substance.
  • Use particular videos.
  • Curate content from other websites in the niche.

There are moreover Facebook Advertisements.

Use Facebook Ads

You’re likely pretty commonplace with Facebook ads, when used accurately, Facebook Advertisements can be a viable and low-cost way of sending activity to blog posts. But if you know what you are doing, they can be the inverse of that, costly and ineffective. You need to use focused on Facebook advertisements to drive traffic from Facebook back to your site, so make sure you are going after the proper and interested audiences. If you are befuddled at all, look into using a Facebook advertisement tool.

Retarget Visitors With Facebook Ads

Don’t disregard you’ll too use of Facebook retargeting ads. Ad retargeting is the process in which you target ads to clients who have already been on your site or social media stage but haven’t converted. You need to have your Facebook Pixel installed and following your site traffic and site events.


Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social stages and can be an incredible way to produce traffic. But to induce the most from it, you would like to consider a number of factors;

  • Your title & username – these are the only factors that Instagram looks at in search queries.
  • Your bio depiction and profile photo should be engaging to the audience.
  • Your site URL interface within the bio can be the as it was put on Instagram where you’ll interface to your site.
  • Profile visibility you need to create and ensure your profile is set to public, but not Private.

Drive Traffic with These Instagram Marketing Tips

It seems but uploading great pictures and videos that are significant to your audience is the key to victory on Instagram. Think about it, in case your audience is B2B, is this content useful.

Probably not. Alongside posting important content and increasing your following on a steady and steady premise, here are a few Instagram marketing tips;

  • Follow accounts related to your niche.
  • Find and use significant hashtags.
  • If you can, attempt and get yell-outs from others.
  • Regularly share the posts.
  • Post exclusive Instagram-only content.
  • Be active and engage along with your followers.

Use Instagram Ads

Like Facebook advertisements, Instagram advertisements can be an awesome way of getting before your target audience. Instagram advertisements can be set up through Facebook’s promoting platform You’ll run diverse types of ads counting photos, videos, carousels, slideshows, and stories Ads.

First, you need to associate your Instagram and Facebook accounts, very primarily, here’s how you get begun advertisement on Instagram;

  • Move on to Facebook’s Ad Manager.
  • Set the objective.
  • Set the target audience.
  • Pick the advertisement placements.
  • Set the budget and schedule.
  • Create Instagram Ads.


Do you know YouTube is the moment’s biggest search engine after Google? When used accurately, YouTube can be an astounding source of activity. Individuals observe 1 billion hours of YouTube per day, so fair getting a little percentage of those views can be a game-changer.

Drive Traffic with These YouTube Marketing Tips

Over so numerous videos uploaded each day to YouTube, it’s simple for your content to urge loss. Luckily, there are some basic steps you’ll be able to take for creating natural traffic to and from your videos.

Here are a few demonstrated tips for getting activity from YouTube;

  • A reason to visit your sites like free PDF, ebook, course, and elite content.
  • Add an interface to the site in your channel header.
  • Use cards to assist see to explore around.
  • Add a website interface in your video descriptions.
  • Use a clear CTA on videos.

Remember YouTube Website design enhancement (to Rank Your Recordings

One of the most excellent ways to induce more video views is with YouTube SEO. YouTube SEO is the method of optimizing your channel including video playlists, metadata, depictions, and real recordings so that your channel appears up for the right people. You can actually optimize your videos for look results interior YouTube and Google.


YouTube Ads

With a part of your potential gathering of people already on YouTube, it makes sense to target them with ads. To get the foremost from YouTube Advertisements, you would like to,

  • Target the audience.
  • Choose the right ad format.
  • Create engaging ads.
  • Check out this direct to YouTube promotion by “HubSpot” for more information.


Do you know that each pin on Pinterest can create 2 page visits and 6 page views?

Pinterest may be an incredible stage for sending traffic to your blog. Not as it was being pins for great life span pins get offers over time but Pinterest was effectively planned for sharing. Let’s explore it in more detail,

Drive Traffic with These Pinterest Marketing Tips

Here are a few strategies you’ll be able to use to tackle Pinterest traffic;

  • Sign up for a business account and get to Pinterest Analytics.
  • Make sure each pin depiction is detailed, supportive, and actionable.
  • Pin at the proper time.
  • Create pin-worthy pictures that are the correct estimate & incorporate text.
  • Join relevant Pinterest group boards.

Use Pinterest Ads

Pinterest advertisements are valuable for getting your content before more individuals as they search and browse Pinterest. To get started;

  • Create a Pinterest business account.
  • Install the Pinterest Tag.
  • Choose an objective for the campaign.
  • Set a campaign budget.
  • Create an ad group.
  • Select the target audience.
  • Choose advertisement placement.
  • Add interests and keywords.
  • Set budget and schedule.
  • Pick the Promoted Pins.

And like all paid ad campaigns, screen, and tweak accordingly. For even more data, check out this Pinterest Ads direct by “Hootsuite”.


With approximately 600 million clients, LinkedIn is the go-to social organization for B2B. LinkedIn is the put individuals go to when they want to connect with people in their industry, learn about their industry, and share related content. If you need to drive traffic to your B2B blog and site, this is the platform.


Drive Traffic with These LinkedIn Marketing Tips

LinkedIn can be an extraordinary traffic source in case you use it right. Here are the fundamentals you would like to begin driving traffic from LinkedIn today;

  • Create and optimize the Private Profile.
  • Join bunches and begin one.
  • Create a company page.
  • Regularly share useful content.
  • Don’t share as well.

Don’t disregard you’ll use LinkedIn’s publishing stage to reach their massive audience. Republishing articles

Republish Articles on LinkedIn

on LinkedIn is an extraordinary way to send activity to your site and get before a new audience.

To get started just hit ‘write an article on the LinkedIn homepage, before you publish the article, there are two things you need to make sure you’ve included;

A brief bio includes to the end of your post to direct people to your homepage or blog.

A CTA coordinating individuals to a particular asset on your site that you simply think may offer assistance to people.

LinkedIn Ads

You’ll be able moreover to use LinkedIn Ads to target your audience with supported content, supported, and text ads.

LinkedIn is obviously most suited to targeting a proficient audience. So if your site isn’t targeting that demographic, you will be way better off saving your money.

Post On Social Media at Strategic Times

This will be extremely reliant upon your crowd and the stage you are on

There have been lots of studies into when to post on social media like this one from Hootsuite or this one from Sprout Social.

Answer Questions on Quora

Quora can be incredible for driving traffic to your site. In case you don’t have one already, to begin with, you’ll get to create an account. Once you have got a Quora account, you would like to discover the right questions to answer. This is basic, fair enter a keyword and Quora will suggest you related topics;

  • Choose the subjects and you’ll be able to see the latest questions related to that topic.
  • Just hit “Answer” to add yours. Attempt to reply to the questions completely and provide a link to any significant content you have got on the site if it makes sense to do so.

If you to induce the most out of Quora, completely total your profile, choose questions relevant to your audience, and include links where it makes sense to do so. You should moreover check out our Quora marketing tips to assist in increment the reach.

On the other hand, it can also try out these other Q&A sites and follow the same principles;

  • Yahoo Answers
  • StackExchange
  • StackOverflow

Content Marketing

As long as you make great and pertinent content on your site, you’ll have a consistent stream of guests ideally arriving at your site from Google. Inside you’ll discover 30+ resources on everything you need to know about content marketing like advancement, copywriting, and design.

Write Useful Content

It tones self-evident, but most SEO-focused content bubbles down to this, answer an address that a part of individuals is asking online, that isn’t being replied to well.

If you have got a question, what’s the primary thing you’re likely to do? You Google it.

It can be truly anything. From what could be a meme, to where the finest place to live is to why were cornflakes invented,

The point is, Google and alternative search engines exist to primarily grant people answers to questions. In case you’ll be able to reply to questions with the substance on your site, Google will send traffic to your site.


So how do you find these questions?

Well, that’s the difficult part. Understanding your audience makes a difference. So does utilize keyword research tools. There will be more on how to really discover these questions you should be answering within the keyword research segment of this direct later on. But one of the simplest ways to discover questions to reply to is to Google it. Type in an address your audience may have and go from there. it ensures you’ll conclusion up down a rabbit gap of potential questions to answer.

Once you’ve got a few questions, utilize this basic system to approach writing valuable content.

  • Do a few keywords inquire to find a prevalent question.
  • Write an article that answers this question.
  • Follow SEO best hones for the article.
  • Ensure that the word check is long enough to fully answer the question
  • Edit the article we all make mistakes.
  • Hit publish, wash, and repeat.
  • Just make sure it chooses a content topic that isn’t reaching to be dead in a couple of months.

Write Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is content that will proceed to be a significant way after it’s been published. Some content gets to be outdated rapidly, while evergreen content doesn’t date like news articles. In reality, it can bring in a relentless stream of search traffic, leads, and social shares over time. It will also:

  • Provide enduring and compounding value.
  • Help to teach new customers, clients,s, and readers.
  • Help to construct the authority.
  • It may help to draw in links.

Publish Long-Form Content

There’s no right or off-base content length. The perfect word number for your content is the one that best covers the subject fully. Having said that, it has been observed that longer content works best, So why write long-form content? There are four primary reasons why you should,

  • Longer content generally positions better vs shorter content.
  • The longer the content, the more social offers it gets.
  • Content is more topically relevant to a Google ranking factor.
  • It can assist to change over readers into customers with things like content upgrades.

Although word count does seem to equal better rankings, there are other components than just content length to consider.

Repurpose Content on Other Channels

Repurposing content is best portrayed as discovering better approaches to reuse your current substance. It is valuable for reaching new audiences on distinctive mediums, breathing new life into forgotten content as well as making the most of your content efforts. Ahrefs does an incredible work of repurposing their content over their blog and YouTube channel, like with their content review article and video. And so does GaryVee, who uses a ‘content pyramid’ approach to induce 30+ pieces of content from one speech. The point is, get as much esteem as you’ll be able from one piece of content by repurposing it. Here are a few content repurposing thoughts you’ll try;

  • Webinars Videos
  • Old Blog Posts Downloadable Guides
  • Interviews Blog posts or EBooks
  • Images Pinterest Board
  • Quora Q&A Blog Post
  • Slideshow Infographics or blog post
  • Statistics Twitter threads
  • Blog Post Podcasts

Create Content That Appeals to Influencers

Most businesses have influencers, people with expansive followings who appear to induce loads of likes, offers, and links to their content. Wouldn’t it be extraordinary to use their specialist for your own content? If you need influential people to share your content, you need to make content that appeals specifically to them. Here’s basic preparation for creating content influencers need to see, Find influencers in your industry with influencer research tools or do a speedy look to discover their direct email address.

  • Examine what they are talking about.
  • Look for a common theme.
  • Create content around this theme.
  • Get your substance before the influencer

Write Eye-Catching Headlines

Features are one of the most imperative parts of your content. They are likely to be one of the primary things people see in Google Search results. Without a compelling feature, even the foremost comprehensive blog post may go unread. To assist you make eye-catching features, you’ll be able to use a feature analyzer like Sumo’s headline generator: Writing great features is an art shape. But don’t stress, it can be learned and progressed with a hone. If you’ve got to begin from scratch, follow these tips:

  • Research the customers.
  • Take a look at the competitor’s headlines.
  • Use the words your audience may utilize and avoid jargon.
  • Use numbers toward the start on the off chance that you can
  • Use powerful words like “secret”, “untold”, “hidden.”
  • A/B test the features in case you can.
  • Measure the CTR (click-through rate) and change accordingly.

Merge Similar Articles

In case you have got an excess of similar articles covering the same topic and keywords, it may be worth merging them into a single post. By solidifying similar posts into one page, it is likely to perform better in Google as well as cleaning up your site architecture.  Because you aren’t spreading the authority over different articles. Instead, you’ve got one focused and strong post. You’ll also have one long post that goes deeper into a theme, leading to more traffic. Here’s how to blend similar articles into one.

  • Choose which URL to keep, and which ones to eliminate and divert
  • Duplicate all the substance you need to keep from the old articles and glue it into the one that is remaining.
  • Now format, alter and double-check the new article.
  • Set up 301 sidetracks to the new page
  • Finally, delete the ancient pages.



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