stem Cell differentition

stem cell differentiation

In stem cell differentiation every single cell in your body contains the same DNA however not all of your cells are the same you have nerve cells blood cells skin cells bone cells and many more different types that all have a slightly different structure.

They can carry out their function so how can the same DNA create a whole range of different cells the answer lies with differentiation you were once a fertilized egg a single cell called a zygote which became a ball of cells through cell division these identical unspecialized cells are known as embryonic stem cell differentiation

Embryonic stem cell differentiation have the ability to become any type of cell in the organism when you’re about eight cells big the process of differentiation started the embryonic stem cells began to specialize to form different types of cells which form different tissues and organs.


Differentiation happens because genes in the DNA are switched on or off and the cells start making different proteins the set of genes switched on in one type of cell say a red blood cell is different to the set of genes that are switched on in another type of cell like a muscle cell.

stem Cell differentition 2This combination of genes allows the cell to make different structures which results in the cells looking and functioning differently stem cell differentiation do exist past the embryo they are called adult stem cells.

A doll is a little misleading as these stem cell differentiation are actually found in infants and children as well as adults whereas embryo stem cells can turn into any cell in the human body adult stem cells are only capable of forming a few different types of cell.

They typically form the type of tissue in which they are found adult stem cell differentiation maintain the body’s tissues and organs they can divide and reproduce indefinitely for example stem cells.

Inside your bones in your bone marrow can differentiate to become different types of blood cell but only blood cells this is important because of out this process you would not be able to create more blood cells to replace the ones that become damaged and you create lots an amazing two million new red blood cells every second.

Meristem In Stem Cell Differentiation

Differentiation in adult humans is mainly used for repair and replacement unlike humans adult plants retain the ability to use stem cell differentiation to form all types of specialized cells plant stem cells are found in regions called meristems.

which are located in the tips of growing roots and shoots they can differentiate to form any type of specialized plant cell such as xylem or phloem so plant stem cell differentiation always act like human embryonic stem cells.

stem Cell differentition

If you take single cells from meristem tissues you can grow a whole new plant from it this is the basis of tissue culture and is used for cloning plants in fact nearly all commercial bananas sold in supermarkets around the world are from cloned banana plants

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We have is covered that genes are switched on and off to form differentiated cells we’ve looked at how differentiation in human embryonic stem cell

Means all the different tissues and organs can be formed and how adult stem cells can only differentiate into a few different types of cell however implants stem cells in meristem tissues can differentiate into all cell types throughout the life of the plant


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